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Kitesurfing Sardinia in December January February

Could I kitesurf in Sardinia in December, January and February? How is the wind and how are the weather conditions for Kitesurfing Sardinia in these months? These are the questions that many riders usually ask to understant if the conditions in Sardinia are good for kitesurfing in the winter season. In this page, you will find useful information to kitesurf in Sardinia in the months of December, January and February.

Kitesurfing Sardinia in December, January, February

Are you coming in Sardinia in December and would you like to know if this is a good month for kitesurfing? And maybe know the best kite spot with enough warm water and consistent wind? Usually, when in Europe it is getting colder and the weather is not so good, in Sardinia the conditions are always better. So if you dream to spend time in a beautiful place with better temperatures, you could think to come to Sardinia for kitesurfing.

In the months of December, January, February, kitesurfing in Sardinia is for sure possible but the weather is less stable and the number of “storm” days  is higher than in the other months. For this reasons, kitesurf in Sardinia in the months of December, January, February is recommended to people that already know how to kitesurf and not to people that should learn.

Kite spots in Sardinia for kitesurfing in the winter

In Sardinia there many fantastic kite spots for all tastes, from flat and shallow water to wave kite spots. In the winter season wind is usually stronger than in the other seasons and that is why several kite spot in the winter have waves. The only kite spot where the water is always flat and shallow is Punta Trettu. The best kite spot of Sardinia are probably in the south: Punta Trettu, Cagliari, Chia, Villasimius are just some of the kite spots in this beautiful part of Sardinia. In the north of the island, the best known kite spot is Porto Pollo.

punta trettu kitesurf sardinia
Punta Trettu Kite Beach Sardinia

Weather and Wind Statistics in Sardinia in December, January, February

The weather and the wind forecast in a specific place can be affected by local effects not predicted by the forecast. That is why, to know the weather forecast and the wind statistics in a specific spot, it is really important the experience of local people. From our experience we have extracted the below statistics that show the percentages of windy days for kitesurfing and the avrage of air and water temperatures in Sardinia in the months of December, January and February.

December January February
% of Windy days for kitesurfing 50% 35% 35%
Air temperature (°C) 15 12 13
Water temperature (°C) 17 16 15

Providers for Weather forecast in Sardinia

Now that you know that the weather forecast are not always accurate, that they can be affected by local factors and that they can also change suddenly from night to the morning, you could have a look a the most used providers of wind and weather forecast in Sardinia.

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