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Kiteboarding Sardinia is the an association of Kitesurfing in Sardinia. Founded in 2008 by people moved by the passion for kitesurfing, purposeof Kiteboarding Sardinia is to promote a safe and responsible kitesurfing.

With this intention, Kiteboarding Sardinia Association has created the website Kiteboardingsardnia.com. Through this site, Kiteboarding Sardinia Association provides information about the kitesurfing in Sardinia and worldwide eg:

Doing kitesurf responsibly

Most importatly, remember to Kitesurf and Learn to kitesurf safely and responsibly.

In Sardinia there are many fantastic kite spots with the best conditions for kitesurfing. When you like to enjoy kitesurfing, look always for an official kitespot and kiteschool with certified instructors.

Therefore, Learn as fast as possible but safely!

Kiteboarding in Sardinia: Kitesurfing in Cagliari
Kitesurfing in Cagliari
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