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Are you looking for some good kite, surf, SUP school in or out of Sardinia? Are you looking for a good B&B, hotel or accommodation? Here you could find the suggestions and partners of Kiteboarding Sardinia!

Kite, Surf and Surf Partners


Need 2 kite

Soul Kite Australia

  • Kiteschool in Australia
  • Would you like to enjoy kitesurfing during your next holiday in Australia? Have kite lessons with Soul Kite Australia Kite School
  • website:

Kitesurfers Blog

  • Kitesurfersblog is a blog / travel guide focusing on reviewing travel locations where you also can kitesurf or surf. 
  • website:

Kitesurf Atlas

  • Discover Kitesurfing Spots, Kitesurf Schools and Destinations around the World. Book Kitesurfing Lessons or Courses. Find everything you need to plan your next Kitesurfing Holiday!
  • website

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